Cedar® CMMS

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CEDAR Maintenance Management Suite provides a complete system of data and analysis, helping the organization to progress from reactive (Break & Fix) to loss control (Cost Control), setting and controlling budget with Performance Budgeting to be Excellence for maximum benefit

Cedar® CMMS overview

Cedar® CMMS is a Computerised Maintenance Management System software designed to improve the strength of maintenance management performance from the beginning level (Reactive) to the level of budgeting (Performance Budgeting) and eventually maintenance optimization level. It has structure to incubate data used in all maintenance analysis and control of cost, loss, reliability, and work effectiveness. It can connect directly to Software Cedar® RCM - Reliability Centered Maintenance for analysis and reduction of loss, and connect to Cedar® SPO - Spare Part Optimizer for reduction of spare part cost and improvement of stock control performance.


  • Cost Control, Work Effectiveness, Maintenance Strategy and Loss Control
  • Well process of Cost Registration and highlight of cost and resource utilization issues. Support work planning to improve cost reduction and improve work efficiency (Work Efficacy)
  • Well process of Loss Registration and Failure Mode to support analysing, improving maintenance, reducing downtime
  • Work Effectiveness by controlling of Backlogs, Wait Pending and Work Scheduling
  • Support Indices Based Maintenance Performance Budgeting) including Maintenance Cost / Unit budget
  • Support Benchmarking between sites/companies by Multi-Sites and Central Maintenance Concepts
  • Provide PM budget (PM Budget), Parts Requirement Plan, plan for purchasing parts (Part Purchasing Plan) and Man power requirement automatically from the PM plan.
  • Track usage of spare parts efficiently. Both from library administrator and maintenance point of view
  • Implicitly implement transfer knowledge through the work system (knowledge Management)
  • Change work from reactive (Unplanned) to proactive (Planned & Proactive)
  • Increase the life of the property and equipment. Improved equipment Life Cycle Cost.
  • Help to decide to change or repair equipment
  • Provide information for new investment and property investment decisions.


Highlight features

  • Web Application / Mobile Application
  • Choices of Cloud and On-Premise version
  • Support Multi-Sites and Central Maintenance Concept, efficiently manages joint maintenance plans between plant maintenance and central repair agency
  • Support Multi-Store to manage spare parts in many stores
  • Flexible workflows according to the organization's approval criteria
  • Automatically create spare parts BOM and spare parts history Reduce the burden of preparing information.
  • User can create/customise inspection template by assigning data fields with the Upper / Lower limit
  • Attach inspection with work order and PM plan or create daily inspection
  • Use Excel form as a Check Sheet / Inspection Sheet. Collect the value from on-line page and automatically impoart the data into the database.
  • Failure Mode recording, which is important data in Reliability analysis
  • Able to split PM plan and issue order by each group administrator
  • Can adjust PM plan by drag & drop on the screen
  • Support QR Code, Bar Code (must be used in conjunction with Cedar for Mobile)


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