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- The Compact CMMS is a cloud-based maintenance management system that focuses on the mechanisms and data needed to manage maintenance tasks to simplify system startup and routine maintenance. It also provides data for cost analysis, loss, and work efficiency

IDYL® PM is designed for

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Facilities Management (FM)
  • Maintenance Services


How to use IDYL PM®


  • Web Application / Mobile Application
  • Cloud-Based CMMS, no need any hardware or software investment.
  • Cost of using is Operating Expense instead of Capital Expense.
  • Able to start using after register or subscription.
  • Upgrade functions without any cost.



Highlight Features

  • Web Application / Responsive Web Design Supports screen display of all devices (Desktop, Tablet, Smart Phone)
  • Sending information to LINE group and email
  • Add on the fly to get started
  • Able to change equipment code, associated data remain
  • Calculate Failure rate, PM Interval, and Reliability of equipment by Reliability Analysis Function
  • Set of data that answers the questions in what-if maintenance management
  • Cube reports display graphs. Rotate the view axis and Drill Down to see more
  • Dashboard makes maintenance easier because of highlight and follow up problems immediately
  • Data and reports can be exported to Excel and PDF
  • Provide Standard Job or Work Package for PM and Work Order planning.
  • Able to plan from Standard Work Package or Maintenance History of the same problem.
  • On-Line Check Sheet or Inspection Sheet by attached in Excel format along with PM data or Standard Job uploaded to fill out while out in the field from Tablet PC or Mobile Phone


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