Cedar® RCM

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  • Single sign-on to CEDAR®- RCM, CEDAR®- SPO, and CEDAR®- MPB for a seamless interface between applications.
  • User Definable Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM)
  • Criticality analysis of Component Part, Failure Mode, Failure Cause and Effect (FMECA)
  • Risk Priority Number (RPN) at Failure Cause Level
  • Weibull Statistical Parameter Estimation
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Maintenance Analysis of CM and PM and optimization
  • Task Grouping
  • Risk-based decision for shifting of PM Schedules
  • Calculate Spare Part Max-Min and Safety Stock

Support Industrial Standards

  • Equipment Classification ISO-14224 Standard
  • MIL-1629 FMECA Standard
  • RCM JA-1011,1012 Standard for PM selection

Reports and Dashboard

  • Equipment Reliability Dashboard
  • Summary RCM Report by project
  • Asset Performance Report

Optional System Reliability

  • Create System Reliability Block Diagram
  • Calculate Reliability of Combined Equipment
  • Estimate Number of System Failures and Equipment Failures
  • Estimate Maintenance Budget of Created System

Optional CMMS Interface

  • Export/Import RCM Preventive Maintenance (PM) Implementation with Task detail on Excel Template
  • Upload Data to CEDAR® - RCM from Template
  • Export RCM Package data to CEDAR®- CMMS

Optional Advanced User Versions

  • Improvement Scenario, Create Improvement Scenario of Equipment
  • Reliability Dashboard and Breakdown tracking with Notification of Risk of Failure(s) by email
  • Dashboard for Reliability of selected Equipment.

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