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Cedar SPO – Spare Part Optimizer

Cedar SPO - Spare Part Optimizer is a software that helps to calculate the proper storage of spare parts, not too much or too little, but has enough spare parts when needed. By using statistical principles to analyse the data of Lead Time, Cost, Usage Rate, Criticality of spare parts and equipment, Failure Mode history, company cost over Analyze and provide appropriate collection advice from general parts (Active Parts) to insurance parts.risk policy for various group of spare parts can be implemented.


  • Single sign-on to CEDAR®- RCM, CEDAR® - SPO, and CEDAR® - MPB for a seamless interface between applications.
  • Stock Performance reports
  • Spare part analysis reports of stock out, over Max, Under Min, etc., for the appropriate course of action
  • Multi-Store feature
  • Part Criticality Scoring
  • Recommend stock for Fast Moving, Slow Moving, Insurance parts by Risk/Cost. Calculate according to available Data, required data
  • Bulk processing for Supply Side
  • Spare Part Consolidations (Pooling)
  • Customize-able stock recommendation approval procedures.
  • Export to/ Input from Microsoft Excel.

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