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Maintenance Performance Budgeting and Control CEDAR® - BUD

Because the company prices and sells products or services at a price/unit, using Cost/Unit as the KPI of core maintenance budget key indices is most appropriate. Cost is the total maintenance cost, and Unit is the inverse of the production loss. Both parties speak the same language if the company and the maintenance department use Cost/Unit as a common goal. This index combines financial and technical KPIs to measure maintenance performance in one term. This application will answer how we can calculate and control every budget detail with KPIs scientifically and logically. The Cost/Unit supports business in both up and down markets. It must be low on the downturn, while it can be high to capture sales volume on the upturn. 


CEDAR® BUD comes with a Maintenance Performance X-ray function; it allows the company to set the target key KPIs at the Target Total Maintenance Cost/Unit

  • Total Maintenance Cost/Unit Produce
  • Total OPEX, CAPEX
  • Long-Term Maintenance Contracts
  • Size of maintenance organization
  • Maintenance Standard Man-Hrs. Rate and Utilization and Direct Man-Hrs. Headcounts
  • Maintenance Strategies Ratio of PM Cost/Total Maintenance Cost
  • Maximum allowable outsourcing cost
  • Stock Turnover Rate
  • Size of Spare Part Stock for target Turnover Rate
  • Stock Performance by Bin Control KPIs

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