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Maintenance Performance Dashboard

The CEDAR® - MPD uses Cost, Loss (Downtime), and Risk as the critical guiding radar for presenting maintenance and asset performance. In particular, upon user selection, the Dashboard can present costs (numerator) and loss (denominator) in one term of Cost/Unit or Cost/Uptime. And Risk is part of applicable technical performance KPIs. The Dashboard provides a drill-down on asset and organization hierarchies. Maintenance strategists or planners can systemically identify issues for improving performance without relying on outside experts (Maintenance Auditor). This Dashboard can target problems divided into two approaches with different causes: Costs that are too high are a matter of poor Planning & Execution. Meanwhile, production losses that are too high due to machine poor reliability are a matter of a wrong strategy.


  • Shows maintenance performance values and KPIs by graphic displays
  • Selection of Asset on select hierarchies
  • Top Ten drill-down features
  • It identifies the root cause of Cost or Loss, or both Cost and Loss problems, that lead to the need for different solver tools.
  • The Dashboard seamlessly works with CEDAR® - RCM for Maintenance Strategies Improvement (Loss reduction)
  • The Dashboard seamlessly works with CEDAR® - SPO for spare Part Optimization.
  • Optionally
    • connect to Maintenance Performance CEDAR®-- X-Ray
    • connect to the Patrol and Surveillance Module for scheduled/on-demand retrieving dashboard data for notification of exception results.


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